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High-quality biofuel from the manufacturer
Advantages over other fuels:
  • pellets are produced without the use of chemical fixers;
  • high thermal properties-surpass even coal;
  • high environmental friendliness - minimal release of cog into the atmosphere;
  • economy;
  • high efficiency of use;
  • low ash content;
  • when stored, wood pellets do not self-ignite when the temperature rises, as they do not contain hidden pores. They are not explosive, unlike gas and diesel fuel;
  • they are odorless, unlike standard fuels (gas, diesel, etc.);
  • they can be stored in the immediate vicinity of residential premises (basements or utility rooms), since this material is biologically inactive, since it has been heat treated;
  • convenient for transportation and storage, including long distances.
Main characteristic:
–Diameter-6 mm.
- Humidity-no more than 6.7 %.
- Ash Content - no more than 0.3 %.
- Heat of combustion-18.30 j / m3.
- Mechanical density-98.8%
- Bulk density of fuel pellets - 685 kg / m3

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